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I use everyday to learn Finnish

I use a number of books on a day to day basis to learn Finnish.

Books for beginners
I consider myself a beginner in learning Finnish. After looking at this page I'm using these books and I really like them. Here are a short list of the books, I'll review the books in a separate post later.
My main book is called "Kuulostaa hyvältä - Sounds good". It's a good book. I took it from city library. You can see my review of the book in here.
The second book is "kieli käyttöön: Suomen kielen alkeisoppikirja". It's full of exercises and new words.
My grammer book is "Suomen kielen alkeisoppikirja". It teachers grammar by practice.
My reading book is "Aamu".
I'm quite happy with the four books, usually I read a couple of them each day for at least 45 minutes, first thing in the morning. As I'm a morning person.

Books for absolute beginners
Before I found this books, I mean when I was an absolute beginner, I read "Teach Yourself Finnish". It's a good book to begin with. But now I prefer the books listed above over it surely.

I have a complete list of websites for learning Finnish in here. However I'm not using them all everyday. Here I'm listing the ones I use everyday.

It's basically Wikipedia's dictionary. Usually dictionaries only show you the basic form of words, which is not handy for beginners.Therefore Wiktionary is my favorite dictionary because it has the words in all the conjugated forms.

It's a multilingual dictionary which its Finnish to English works perfectly for most phrases. If I can't find something in Wiktionary I'll head directly to Eudict.

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